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Where I document my happenings, my life, and my thoughts.


So for those of you who are not in the know, after about a yearish hiatis, I have resumed my weekly Twitch streams. In these streams I focus on IMVU product creation and uploads and give quick tips. I also get a bit goofy at times and go off topic often....just to warn you. If you have a questions about being an IMVU creator, or IMVU in general, this is the best place to ask as I can answer in real time. 

The streams start around 6pm CT every Wednesday. Here is a running list of upcoming topics in no particular order: 

  • Particles
  • Scalers
  • Opacity maps
  • Simple avatar animation
  • Simple furniture animation


If there is something you want to see on the list, comment below and I will add it. I will also keep the Twitch portion of this website up to date as best as possible.  Hope to see you there!! 

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Well It seems that Phil saw his shadow, and that is after his predecessor kicked the bucket a few days earlier. Ouch

Honestly, I'm not going to let that get me down. Winter has traditionally been a quiet time for me where I can catch up with all of the work I pushed to the side as I went on my summertime adventures with the kiddos. This past winter was nothing like that, however. Covid slowly swept through my family so with quarantine after quarantine, the kids and I got to spend a lot of quality time together. Nobody was seriously ill if you were wondering, but nobody was happy about it either

Now that I am back to wintertime normality I am working on getting things fixed up again. The store is up and running once more. I did take out the 3D printed products. I'm not ready to manufacture cookie cutters in my home quite yet, though they did sell well. Now it just contains files for IMVU and some freebees. Once I get this current project done, I will start uploading more IMVU files for purchase so you guys should have a few goodies to browse through.

Also on the agenda is to slightly revamp the tutorial section. With Studio now being the primary creating program, I need to start making tutorials more in line with that. Create mode will eventually be no more. Until they kill it completely I will move those tutorials into their own section. I know some of you are being stubborn. ;)

With that said, I will need to start compiling a list of tutorials that people will find useful. If there is something you want me to cover in Studio, feel free to drop a message below. Don't forget to include your name so I know who you are.

Thanks guys! See you soon!

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Welcome to Summer!! Back by popular demand, Gaf210 is hosting his Christmas in July. Again I will be live streaming the event on Twitch. If you have a room you would like to submit, the deadline is July 7th. There is more information here . See you then!


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Welcome to 2021! I hope you guys are as excited about this year as I am. For one, I am seriously missing the roller coasters. I have several project ideas in the works and after a rough start to this year. (Too many details to get into) I am revving up to get things done! First up is a project I have been interested in for a couple of months. Miaka Chill. It is a collection of lofi songs with a featured IMVU room just to have play in the background. Nothing fancy, but definitely relaxing. I was originally going to call it the ambient project, but I might save that for my twitch streams. I have several product ideas that fit the mode.

See my first instalment of Miaka Chill below with a featured room by Chaly4






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In just one week I will start my 12 Days of Christmas Instagram give away! This year I am asking for contributing creators to sign up for the give away. Last year I just picked out creators who I thought had quality work, but did not have the pro tag. This year I feel the new pro system is a bit arbitrary so I wanted to give you guys a chance to sign up on your own.  

Here are a few rules:

     If you want your product to be given away:

        To have one of your products to be given away, you first need to sign up with me on any of my social media accounts;
        Facebook , Instagram , IMVU , or send me an  email from this site. You must then pick a product from my  catalog .
        It doesn't matter which one. I have several Christmas related products and lots and lots of animated products.
        By deriving one my products, it will keep my costs lower and your newly submitted product will get a little bump in the
        catalog because I will be the one gifting it. Win win! When deriving, please keep your profit lower than mine.

      If you want to receive one of the free gifts:

        To participate in the giveaway, you must follow me on Instagram. Each day starting Dec 14th I will post a pic of the gift
        I will be giving away. You must be the first of 12 people commenting with their IMVU avatar name or the name of a friend
        on that image and I will gift the product from my miaka618 account. It is important that your IMVU account is NOT set to
        friends only or I will not be able to send the gift.


Last year had a great turnout and I hope this year will be just as fun! Good luck!



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