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Kinda my job. I have been apart of IMVU since 2006 and have had the pleasure to watch it grow and mature to what it is today. I don't think I will ever completely stop developing for them, though I do take breaks more often than the average developer for life related stuffs. Here is a link to my catalog.

For those of you unfamilar to IMVU, it is an online 3D chat program. Essentially you have paper dolls (your avatar) for your computer where your paper doll can have conversations with other people's paper dolls. It is free to use, but if you want to upgrade your avatar and run out of starter credits, you'll have to poney up some doe. Yes, people actually pay money for this stuff. :P Read more at the IMVU ABOUT page.


Some of my best selling items:





IMVU related blog posts

Free Derive Fridays!

Hello folks! I hope everyone is doing well. I've decided to try something new. Every Friday if you message me about a product you derived from me, I will refund the derive fee after it passes PR! I think this is something I will continue to do for the immediate future on Fridays and this will be a great benefit to everyone involved! Can't wait to see what you guys can make!

Miaka618 -  https://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=1880589
MiakasCreations -  https://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=257585843

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Unofficial start of summer

Hey all! Welcome to the unofficial start of summer. It has sure felt like summer around here the last week. I hope everyone has been staying healthy. Who'd a thunk that things would change this much in such a short amount of time?? 

Here are some brief updates: Me and my family have been doing well. It's been crazy around here having the kids home. I have been trying to work as well as help them with their school work. There is a reason I take summers off from IMVU. LOL It looks like I got an early start this year. :P I'm not sure if we will be doing any Six Flagging this year as I'm not sure if it is even going to open...at least our home park because it is in Illinois and the gov of IL has deemed all large gatherings must be postponed until there is a vaccine....so yeah. 

Besides that, my oldest is now officially taller than me. He is turning 13 on June 5th!! Where has the time gone?

I had another scan last week and I have now been cancer free for 3 years. That is something worth celebrating! Two more years before the real party starts! :D


To sum it up, I've been busy with kids and work and such. I will try to keep everyone updated on IMVU things, but not much has been going on. I have been streaming when I can and moving them over to YouTube, though I missed the four leaf clover streams. It was removed from twitch before I had a chance to move it over. Totally my fault. :(

I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

As a few people have pointed out, I have a couple credits in my IMVU account. I want to do something nice with them this year. I decided the easiest way to burn through a bunch of credits is to gift products from non-pro devs to users who like free stuff. This way I will be helping out both the developers and the users! So this is what's happening. Every day starting Dec 14th to Christmas day, I will post an image of the IMVU product I will be giving away on my instagram account. The first 25 people to post their avatar name, or a friend's avatar name, will get that product. I will likely wait until the full 25 people posted before I start handing out the product so it might not happen until that evening. I tried to pick products from people with high quality catalogs, but have not yet received pro status. I also have not told these creators in advance that I will be making a rather large purchase from them, so I hope they will be slightly surprised. I hope everyone is as excited about this as I am. Christmas is almost here!

Stop by my  Instagram page and follow me now to make sure you don't miss something you want!

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SBS 2019 Recap

Small Business Saturday was this past Saturday, Nov 30th. I followed our host, Gaf210, along with my sidekick and oldest spawn around to the different rooms in IMVU while I streamed the whole thing live on Twitch. You can check out the whole video on Twitch which is 3 1/2 or watch this condensed version which is about 23 mins. ;) I wish I could have visited a lot more rooms because there were several that I wanted to see, but unfortunately my time was short, but please enjoy the video! Next year I'll try to hit even more because I will (hopefully) be better prepared.


Check out Gaf's page here for images of the event plus all of the rooms involved. He visited 96 rooms! https://gaf210.imvustylez.net/sbs/

I have 12 rooms in the video. Here they are listed in the order of appearance:

ClaireDuLune - SBS JAZZ CAFÉ

Amateur - Amateur's Boutique

LadyChere - LadyChere Showroom

Whims - Whims Christmas Cabin

AlyissaPearl and RiaWinx - Aly's & Ria's ULTIMATE SBS 2019

Miaka618 - Drive-In Park

MisterFirius , Firiah , Sahlome - SBS Three shops

JimmieRose - This Old Barn

Badriyana - Badriyana Showroom SBS

Ericfr - [Efr] Winter Dreams


VanGoGo - VanGoGo SBS Car Showroom MMIX (2019)


See you next year!

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